Everything You Should Know About Getting The Best Dog Door

Everything You Should Know About Getting The Best Dog Door

Our pets are more than our companions; they are an irreplaceable part of our families. So, we want to make sure that they have everything they need to live long, happy lives.

The best dog door is a great addition to a pet-friendly house, as it allows your pooch to come and go whenever it wants. In other words, a pet door provides a new degree of freedom to your companion, and it’s extremely convenient to you, as well.

Still, purchasing the best dog door for your furry friend might be a bit problematic. That’s mainly because there are plenty of options available. So, before getting the right item for your pet, you should determine what you need, and where you want to install it.

In this article, we plan on presenting five different pet doors that come from various product categories. You can check our previous post where we talked about the main types of dog doors, to get an overview of the topic.

Also, we want to address some of the most common questions that dog owners have when they’re looking for a pet door. Shall we?

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Why Should You Choose Your Dog Door Carefully?

Selecting a dog door is an important decision. It means more fun outside for your furry companion. It also means less trouble for you: you can finally give up on your doorman responsibilities.

Still, your dog must enjoy using the pet door. Otherwise, it won’t reach its purpose. In this respect, your companion must find it comfortable and to its liking.

The most important aspect is to get the dog door in the right size. For instance, if the pet door is too small, you’ll have trouble with training your pooch to use it. If your pooch is pretty big, getting an extra-large dog door would be the best decision.

Dog using a dog doors

It might be tempting to get a small pet door, especially if your pooch is small-sized. However, we suggest you to assess the full size of your furry friend. In the case of mixed breeds, if you’re unsure of the size, it’s safer to select a larger door.

Training a dog to use such an item shouldn’t be too problematic as long as the door is comfortable enough in terms of size.

Also, pay attention to the construction and design of the piece, as they are different from product to product. Pet doors aren’t made equal, so don’t take a rushed decision.

What To Look At When Choosing A Dog Door

The following aspects should also be taken into consideration when you’re on the lookout for the best dog door.

Energy Efficiency

Some dog doors aren’t weather resistant. This means that they don’t protect you from the cold/hot air coming from outside.

So, a pet door could be a significant contributor to air leaking in the house. In fact, this is a common problem for many pet owners.

Still, manufacturers have come up with solutions, and they have created energy efficient dog doors. The seal on such a product has to be sturdy enough as to resist the force of the wind while being easy enough for the dog to use.

An energy efficient dog door is an excellent fit for extreme climates, where the weather is either too cold or too hot.

While products in this category could be more expensive, they will help you save on energy costs, which add up, in the long run.

Dogs using a dog doors

We would recommend you to get an energy efficient pet door if you aren’t too eager to welcome cold air in your cozy home in wintertime.

Replaceable Flap

Apart from that, dog doors are prone to wear out, some sooner than others, due to the use of less durable materials. The most reliable models of dog doors are less likely to cause you this problem.

Bear in mind that you should replace the flap on your dog door with a product manufactured by the same company. In other words, brands aren’t interchangeable.

Also, you should know that some measurements will differ from the ones given by the manufacturer because some producers tend to estimate the sizes. If you’re not sure what to get, you could always contact the customer service and ask for assistance.

Our Recommendations

If you’re wondering what is the best dog door, read on to find the answer. As we said before, we have five top suggestions of products that qualify as the best dog door. Each is created to meet certain specifications.

Best Electronic Dog Door​

SureFlap Microchip Door​

Without a doubt, we could identify this product as the best automatic dog door on the market. We would recommend you to get this type of door if you’re looking for a product that ensures optimal security.

This particular product is one of our favorites because it functions using the veterinarian inserted microchip, which includes a RFID chip. That automatically gets the door to open - could it be more practical than that?

Syncing your dog’s chip or collar is also time-effective. Everything you have to do is push a few buttons and aim at convincing your furry pet to pass through the door. The second step is much more challenging if you ask us.

This popular model is capable of storing the IDs of 32 different pets. This is quite practical, especially if you have more furry companions.

Also, both cats and dogs could use this pet door, as long as their size enables them to do so. One drawback could be that this door doesn’t fit larger breeds of dogs.

However, the automatic function makes this product a must-buy for pet owners who have a hectic schedule. You can use the curfew option to program the hours when your companion can or cannot leave the house.

This automatic pet door runs on 4 C-cell batteries. From our experience, they could last up to one year. Also, there’s an indicator light that will let you know when it’s time to change them.

Furthermore, this is a product whose versatility is notable. You can use it for both external and internal doors, depending on your individual needs.

Apart from that, you could attempt to have this installed on a wall. You’ll need the SureFlap Pet Door Tunnel Extender for that, though.


  • Effective and practical chip technology
  • Compatible with standard microchips
  • ​Battery life indicator
  • ​Only programmed pets can enter the house
  • ​Energy-efficient design
  • Durable construction
  • ​It utilizes a RFID collar
  • Useful curfew mode
SureFlap Microchip Pet Door


  • The opening of the pet door is quite small, which makes it restrictive for large pets. It is only suitable for small to medium pets.

Quite Pricey

On the whole, this microchip dog door does function as advertised. It offers an entirely new level of security to your home, as it aims at preventing other animals from getting inside.

It will keep stray animals from getting in, being fit for small to medium breeds of dogs. In short: it’s worth every penny!

​Best Dog Door For Cold Weather

PetSafe Extreme Weather Door​

PetSafe is a trustworthy producer that supplies high-quality products at decent rates – this dog door is an excellent example for that. This is an energy efficient dog door that we would recommend if you’re on a budget, yet need a qualitative item.

Although this qualifies as the best dog door due to its energy saving properties, installing it isn’t quite practical. The template only covers the flap. However, once you install it, it does what it is intended to do, which is protecting your house from extreme temperatures.

Also, the plastic screws aren’t that great; the manufacturer could replace those with metal screws, as those are more durable.

Apart from that, the middle insulation flap isn’t see-through. This could make your pooch hesitate when it comes to going through the door.

As for the size of this door, it is quite big. To be more precise, German shepherds weighing about 100 lbs. won’t have any trouble when using this dog door. This is pretty great, considering the affordable rate.

In addition, you can choose to paint over the plastic frame, to make the item match the color and style of your door.

You can install this on doors whose thickness varies from 1 5/8 inches to 2 ¼ inches. The three-flap system facilitates excellent insulation, protecting you from nasty weather. Although the frame isn’t made of aluminum, it features durable plastic, which is also a plus.

You should note that if you intend to use this pet door for a large dog, you must consider getting a dog door replacement flap. That’s because these doors tend to wear out more easily in the case of larger breeds of dogs.


  • Durable, sturdy construction
  • 3.5 times more efficient than a single-flap system
  • The design makes this the right fit for large dog breeds
  • Affordable rate
PetSafe Extreme Weather Door


  • Installing it can be quite challenging.
  • The big door opening allows kids to go through.

In conclusion, this dog door delivers excellent results when it comes to weatherproofing your home. It comes at a decent price, and it is a very good option for large dogs. The primary issue is that the flaps on the door aren’t transparent.

This could require some time for your dogs to get used to it. Apart from that, there isn’t much not to like about this product.

​Best Dog Door For Sliding Glass Door

PetSafe Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door​

This patio dog door is one of the best options in its category. This is an excellent alternative if you prefer installing the best dog door in your patio sliding glass door, as opposed to modifying the front door.

This works great for apartments or condos, as you can take the door with you when you move.

This item is about 81 inches tall. It fits perfectly well both right and left sliding doors. And the best part is that it doesn’t necessitate any cutting. Thus, the installation process is effortless.

Similar to the other products included in our top five, this is also made of a high-quality material. The frame features sturdy aluminum. Apart from that, the tempered glass in the frame is shatterproof, which maximizes the durability of the product.

Another considerable advantage is that this comes accompanied by an additional ultra-seal flexible flap. This has the purpose of insulating the door, preventing air leakage and extreme temperatures from troubling you.

You can choose from three different colors, namely white, satin and bronze. Apart from that, the product is available in four different measurements, to meet the sizes of various pets. We advise you to look at the size recommendations of the manufacturer before choosing your door.

If you wish to double the weather resistance of the dog door, you could use the additional weather-resistant seal. This is included in the package. Apart from that, the slide-in closing panel is quite handy, as you can close the door when it’s not in use.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • It’s decently insulated
  • Use of high-quality materials
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s great for apartments/condos
  • Useful extra accessories: additional closing panel for weather resistance
PetSafe Freedom Patio Pet Door Review


  • Without the additional weather stripping, the insulation property isn’t so great.

This is the best dog door for sliding glass doors. It is right for medium-sized dogs, and it has a versatile design that suits all types of patio doors.

Best Dog Door For Wall

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminium Pet Door​

A wall pet door is a right choice for you if you are looking for an alternative to typical dog doors. We would like to introduce to you a top-rated product, manufactured by PetSafe. The PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door includes a plastic and aluminum frame, sliding security panel and, double pet door flaps.

You can use this for both internal and external walls. So, what’s good about this product? Firstly, it is available in three distinct sizes, namely small, medium and large. Some dog doors are quite restrictive when it comes to sizing.

The installation instructions are actually helpful. Apart from that, the package includes a cutting template and the necessary hardware.

Also, the telescoping tunnel facilitates an easy installation. It works well on walls of various thicknesses. Even though the installation process isn’t that challenging, it does require some carpentry skills, considering that you’ll need to make a hole on your wall.

In this respect, it’s quintessential to carefully choose the place where you’ll install the best dog door. Apart from that, bear in mind that the bottom of the wall opening has to be high enough above the ground. This will prevent rain from entering your home as it accumulates in your yard.

Moreover, you won’t need any extra framing materials for the installation process. The telescoping tunnel is quite helpful in this respect.

Even so, the self-threading screws included in the package don’t facilitate a secure, firm mounting. That’s why we would recommend you to get large ones with washers.

Also, to secure the dog door in place, we suggest you to use approximately eight additional screws. Place them inside the tunnel both on the interior and exterior.

If you own a dog whose weight is up to 99 pounds, then this product could be right for you. The double flap featuring central airlock ensures decent weatherproofing.

Is this dog door weather resistant or not? Yes. This product is made of high-quality materials, such as aluminum and durable plastic. Secondly, the dual-flap system is another plus.

The flaps work on magnets, which means they return to the original position after your pet has used the door. This deters drafts from troubling you.

Apart from that, the sliding panel doubles the weather-resistance of this item. You could always choose to enhance the insulation of the door by using a bit of silicone in the areas that overlap in the tunnel.


  • Weather-resistant pet door
  • ​Durability
  • Made for various wall sizes
  • The slide-in closing panel allows you to lock the door when you wish
PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors


  • The slide-in closing panel is manually controlled, which could be inconvenient.

After carefully analyzing the features and construction of the PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door, we could affirm that it meets the main criteria one might be looking for in the best dog door. These are efficiency, insulation, and durability. What’s more attractive is that all these come at a decent price.

​Best Insulated Dog Door

Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door​

The ruff weather dog door is a popular product among dog owners. You can install this pet door in both interior and exterior doors, thanks to the telescoping frame.

We find that the installation process is an important consideration when it comes to pet doors. Fortunately, this pet frame is easy to install. If we were to compare this feature with other products that are more expensive, we could say that this product ranks high.

The package encompasses a cutting template and comprehensive instructions. So, you shouldn’t encounter serious problems with the installation process. We already indicated the steps you need to follow for a proper pet door installation at home.

Let’s move on to another significant feature – the weather resistance. This is an important feature since you don’t want bugs, drafts or dust entering in your home.

Similar to other high-quality pet doors, this is made of sturdy plastic. However, keep in mind that the material of a dog door isn’t the only element that affects the security and strength of the door – the screws are just as crucial.

In fact, many pet doors come equipped with plastic screws. However, what makes this the best dog door is the combination of tough material and metal screws. That facilitates a secure mounting of the door.

Secondly, the telescoping frame aims at providing you superior thermal protection. It creates a three-inch air pocket between the flaps, which makes this an energy efficient pet door.

This air pocket deters drafts from entering your home. Thirdly, it features two distinct vinyl insulated flaps. As you might expect, two is better than one. Even though this could make it challenging for your companion to get used to the door, a dual-flap system ensures decent insulation.

The final element that adds up to the weather resistance of the pet door is the sliding panel that covers the entire surface of the door opening. The purpose of this panel is to keep unwanted animals from entering your home.


  • Four sizes available
  • Weather-resistant properties
  • ​Durable product
  • ​Dual-flap system
  • Affordable rate
Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door


  • The pet frames feature plastic.

In short, the Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame meets all the requirements of a solid, well-made dog door. It is easy to install, it functions as expected, it provides excellent insulation, and it comes in various sizes. These features make it the best cold weather dog door.

Final Thoughts​

As you can see, dog doors have different functions and properties; some are made specifically for cold weather, some are designed for large or small pets, others are created for walls, doors, so on and so forth. We are hopeful that this article has made your job of selecting the best dog door much easier.

Small dog using a dog door

Such an item is a necessary addition to any pet-friendly house. The benefits are unmatched! Your dog will enjoy more time in the outdoors, and you won’t have to worry about incidents each time you arrive home late from work.

We reviewed five different products whose features vary. Every one of our recommendations is an excellent choice for dog owners, as we have tested each attentively.

Make sure you take into account our tips and evaluate your needs before purchasing a product. Which of the products enumerated in this buying guide fits your needs best?

If some of your questions haven’t been answered, you could contact us via email or address your concerns in the comment section.

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