PetSafe Freedom Patio Pet Door Review

PetSafe-Freedom-Patio-Pet Door
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Our pets enjoy having our permanent attention. Unfortunately, as much as we would enjoy hanging out with them around the clock, that isn’t possible.

There are stressful days at work when we might need to work late. Or, there are times when our job continues when we arrive home as well. Sometimes, after hugging my furry companion, I need to focus on what I have to do.

However, I don’t always manage to do that because my pooch continuously asks me to get out in the yard. I know this is perfectly normal and recommended for its health and wellbeing, but my schedule doesn’t allow me to do that every evening in a row.

So, I decided to do something that would ease my life and grant my pup the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

I’m talking about a pet door, which was a lifesaver to me. On that note, in today’s article, I would like to present to you a top product, namely the PetSafe Freedom Patio Pet Door.

PetSafe Freedom Patio Pet Door


I stumbled across a wide range of pet doors. A major consideration was assessing the price-quality ratio. After investigating various products, I found that the PetSafe Freedom Patio Pet Door could be the best option for me, at the right price.

Before ordering the product, I measured my furry companion’s height, weight, and withers, by using the chart provided by the manufacturer (you can find it on Amazon).

Now I’d like to illustrate some of the features of this patio pet door.

  • This pet door is excellent for apartment, condos or if you live in a rented home; you can take it with you when you move.

  • The frame is made of enduring aluminum.

  • For enhanced weather resistance, the door features weather stripping and a slide-in closing panel.

  • The product is available in three different shades, namely white, satin and bronze.

  • Four pet door sizes are available, which correspond to a broad range of pet weights and heights.

  • A tinted, flexible flap featuring magnetic closure is included in the package. This keeps the pet door closed when it’s not in use.

  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual.

  • Heavy-duty construction.


What To Expect


To my surprise, installing this patio pet door wasn’t a headache, as I had anticipated. It didn’t involve any cutting. If you aren’t too eager to cut through your wall or your door, this could be a viable option.

What I did was to insert the pet door in the patio door track. And the dog door pretty much adjusted itself. I chose to use four additional screws to make sure it is securely placed.

The original package included a useful small lock for the door. That’s because the existing lock on the door doesn’t work for the pet door as well. So, this feature is quite useful for a boost of security.

What Other People Say


According to the reviews I read, most pet parents agree that this door has the best quality one could get for the money.

Many said that installing the product wasn’t difficult at all since it doesn’t require any cutting. Plus, one client advised watching the manufacturer’s video on how to install the pet door if you’re clueless about the steps you ought to follow.

One customer’s complaint was that the rubber stripping isn’t as durable as he expected it to be. As a result, he said that it doesn’t close each time completely. Nonetheless, this wasn’t a concern for most customers, so it’s not the general opinion.

On the whole, the pet owners who got this door were satisfied with the convenience it brought.

What We Like


The PetSafe Patio Pet Door is a high-quality product whose construction is sturdy. This is the main thing to like about this item.

Secondly, installing this is pretty hassle free. After inserting the panel into the frame of your sliding door, the pet door automatically adjusts to the correct height.

Thirdly, the additional ceramic magnets come in handy, since they keep the door shut after each use. This contributes to conserving energy and deterring the cold from getting inside the house.

Another thing to like is that this pet door comes in four different sizes. That’s pretty amazing considering that many great products come in a restrictive number of sizes, which discriminates against some pet parents.

What We Don’t Like

As for the cons linked to this product, we would have to mention that without the extra weather stripping, the insulation provided by the pet door is pretty low.

However, the manufacturer did anticipate the customer’s needs by including the additional weather stripping and panel for a boost of weather resistance.

Also, take into consideration that the largest version of the product is big enough for toddlers or kids to pass through.

Buying Advice

As I recently said, you can get this pet door in four different sizes. The price of the item will depend on the size, as you might expect.

The smallest version is under $150, while the large-tall version is under $200. However, sometimes the prices are lower than these, depending on temporary offers or sales.

These are excellent rates considering the features you get. If you buy this product from Amazon or the manufacturer’s official website, you get free shipping. As for the product warranty, it lasts for one year.

Final Thoughts


Altogether, I’m genuinely satisfied with this product. However, I’m inclined to think that my pooch likes it even more! Now I can take my time whenever I have some extra work, without feeling guilty, as my furry companion enjoys its time outdoors.

That being said, I would wholeheartedly recommend you the PetSafe Patio Pet Door. This will give you a few hours of your time back.

Plus, it will make your pooch infinitely happier, more active and healthier – what more could we, pet parents, ask?

If you have any questions you would like to address, make sure you do so in the comment section. You could also email us if you prefer!

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