PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door Review 2020

PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door Review
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A pet door gives your furry companion the freedom to go out in the yard and return whenever it wants. This is excellent, considering that the outdoors stimulates our pets’ senses, boosting their physical and mental health.

Plus, having a dog door means that you won’t feel guilty when you don’t have the time to take your pooch for a walk.

Today we’re going to talk about a different kind of pet door – the kind you install in a wall. The majority of pet doors on the market are created for doors. Still, when it comes to wall pet doors, the range of products isn’t as diverse.

In spite of that, the PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door is a highly appreciated product among pet parents. Keep on reading to find out what makes this item a good acquisition!

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminium Pet Door Features


According to the manufacturer, you could install this on both interior and exterior walls. Be mindful when it comes to choosing the area for installing the door. There shouldn’t be any wires or pipes in that area.

It’s also extremely important to make sure that the wall entry opening is located high above the ground. That will deter the rain from getting inside, in the case in which it accumulates in your back yard.

Check out the primary characteristics of this wall entry dog door:

  • It works for walls 12 – 18 centimeters thick.
  • The product is accessible in three distinct sizes: small, medium and large.

  • The manufacturer states that the large version of the product is made for pets weighing up to 45 kg.

  • You get a super handy slide-in closing panel that has the purpose of insulating the pet door. Alternatively, you could get an extra closing panel (sold separately) to enhance the insulation of the door.

  • The slide-in closing panel is ideal for preventing your pet to use the door when the weather isn’t suitable, for example.

  • The telescoping tunnel facilitates an easy wall installation. You won’t need any additional framing materials.

  • The package includes a cutting template, comprehensive instructions and the hardware you’ll need for the installation.

PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door: The Results

As I already mentioned, the pet door package features the door housing unit, an instructions manual, cutting template and hardware for mounting the door.

Apart from these, you’ll need a cutting device, a drill, a level, a measuring tape, a drywall saw, and pencil.

While the installation process isn’t necessarily challenging, you should be at least acquainted with carpentry and what it implies.

Moreover, the telescoping tunnel is an excellent feature. It ensures that the door works on different wall widths.

Is this dog door weather resistant? Nobody wants to equip their homes with a product that lacks quality and weather resistance.

However, you can rest assured in this direction because the frame of the door is made of aluminum.

Furthermore, the dual-flap design doubles the insulation provided by the door. In other words, you get twice the insulation you would get from a typical one-flap design.

Plus, the door has magnets. This way, the door returns to the original position after each use.

What Other Customers Say

Customer feedback is an important consideration for every review I write. So what do other pet parents think of this product? Would they recommend this or not?

Yes. One customer referred to this as an economy wall door that works well for the price. He also mentioned that pet owners should pay attention to installing the item correctly; if not, the inside frame could fall off.

Another client affirmed that the quality of the telescoping tunnel is second-hand, and it could be improved. We could say that this depends on the size of the pooch.

However, the consensus is that this is a high-quality item that comes at a decent price. I subscribe to that opinion!

What We Like

This product ranks high in terms of versatility and durability. For starters, it is designed to fit various wall widths and a range of dog breeds and sizes.

Secondly, the weather resistance element makes this an excellent purchase for those who live in colder areas. The closing panel is also a handy addition – you can keep the dog door shut when needed.

What We Don’t Like



The self-threading screws included in the package don’t facilitate a secure and firm mounting. As a result, I would recommend you to get larger screws with washers.

I used eight additional screws. I placed them inside the tunnel both on the inside and on the outside of the door.

Apart from this, the only inconvenience is that the slide-in closing panel isn’t automatic. If it were, this product would be perfect!


Buying Tips



The price range for this item depends on the size of the product. The small size is under $100 whereas the large size is under $150.

Amazon provides free shipping for this product, plus other tempting offers that come and go.

Of course, you could also get this from the manufacturer’s official website, if you wish. The door is covered by a one-year limited warranty.


The Verdict

All things considered, the PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door doesn’t disappoint. The kit includes (almost) everything you need for a secure fit. The weather-resistance element is a plus, and it gives your pet the freedom it needs!

Apart from that, you can choose from three different sizes available, depending on the breed of your pooch.

As with any other dog door on the market, you’ll have to be patient with your pet until it accommodates with the new entrance.

After that, it won’t have any problems with it since it is quite easy to use. It’s a matter of habit.

Do you find that this dog door is the right fit for your needs? If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section!

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