SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Review

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Review
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A pet door provides excellent benefits to both you and your pooch. Not only that it will relieve you of having to attend to your pet’s needs round the clock, but your furry pet will come to appreciate it as well.

Dogs enjoy being active outdoors. It’s like a second home to them. Spending time outdoors keeps your pooch alert, happy, and healthy.

Physical exercise is just as crucial as mental stimulation, and the outdoors provides these. Boredom is a common concern for pet owners, as it leads to behavioral disobedience, such as chewing, barking, howling, so on and so forth.

Such behaviors indicate one thing: lack of exercise.

A dog door could easily solve this problem. Today we’ll talk about the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door. It is an electronic dog door and it is one of the most useful models on the market.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Features

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is a bit larger than most pet doors. This makes it suitable for small to medium dogs. Before you get this product, I recommend you to check the manufacturer’s sizing comparison chart, to be sure.

The automatic function is, without a doubt, the primary attraction point of this product. Distinct from manually controlled pet doors, this one gives you total control over who enters your home.

Here are the fundamental aspects that feature this product:

  • It works with your dog’s existing microchip, which is hassle free. The selective entry mode keeps intruders at a distance.

  • It works with standard microchip formats worldwide, which is genuinely convenient.

  • The curfew mode allows you to program the door to unlock and lock it at specified hours.

  • The package includes a SureFlap RFID collar tag, in the case in which you didn’t microchip your dog.

  • This pet door functions on cell batteries that hold up to one year. They aren’t included in the original package.

  • The dual lock feature is particularly useful, meaning that you can lock it so that your pets cannot enter or leave the house.

  • Along the perimeter of the door flap, there is minimal weather-stripping.

  • The sturdy design ensures the durability of the product.

What To Expect

As with any other microchip dog flap, the door scans your pup’s microchip, facilitating selective entry only. This is an excellent feature as it hinders strays from entering your home, harming your pets.

Concurrently, your pooch may come and go on its own terms, which is doubly convenient to you. The curfew mode is a useful characteristic. It enables you to lock the dog door at certain times if you want to keep your companion inside.

Installing this wasn’t difficult at all. Also, it does work as expected: it recognizes a pet’s microchip each time.

The door closes securely due to the additional magnet assisted system. This ensures the weather resistance element, which, in my opinion, is quite important if you don’t want to feel drafts during wintertime.

It does take some time and encouragement to get your pet accustomed with the dog door. The noise of the unlocking mechanism may not be too pleasant for your dog. Also, the fact that it has to push through with its head isn’t quite enjoyable.

However, in time, your pooch will get used to this item. My advice is to be as patient and encouraging as possible.

What Everyone Says

Most pet owners are genuinely content with choosing the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door. The consensus is that programming the pet door is quite easy.

However, according to one customer, the click sound that the door makes when it unlocks is quite loud, which doesn’t appeal to most pets.

Another customer doesn’t recommend installing this door in the proximity of a bedroom, due to the unpleasant noise.

Apart from that, the screws included by the manufacturer aren’t as qualitative as the construction of the pet door, which is another disadvantage.

On the whole, the vast majority of pet owners are satisfied with their purchase and with the results.

What We Like

Firstly, according to the manufacturer, this product has been tested against raccoons, and it passed the tests with flying colors. That makes it a recommendable purchase if you’re living in a neighborhood where raccoon incidents often happen.

Secondly, installing and programming the pet door is easy. Thirdly, the door remains closed when it’s not in use, which means it is weather resistant.

Plus, the automatic function enables you to determine the hours of the day and night when your pooch could leave the house.

Also, since this works on 4 C batteries, you can install it anywhere without worrying about cables or anything else. As for the design of the door, it is versatile and minimalist, which is also a good feature.

What We Don’t Like

As I said before, this pet door is created for small or medium breeds of dogs. I consider that this is the only major drawback of this product.

In truth, the market doesn’t provide many alternatives when it comes to automatic pet doors for large dog breeds, which is quite inconvenient.

Apart from that, the noise of the unlocking mechanism could scare off your pooch at first. In time, it will get used to it, so you needn’t worry too much about this.

Buying Advice

For a product under $200, it fulfills the main criteria one would expect from a high-quality automatic pet door.

SureFlap is a reliable manufacturer whose purpose is to supply dependable items for pet owners.

Apart from that, if you choose this product, you will enjoy a 3-year warranty. You could get this product from Amazon, as there you’re bound to find a bunch of offers, now and then.


To conclude, if you have a small dog and you want to enjoy the benefits of a microchip pet door, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door could be the right choice.

It is a well-made, well-thought product that is designed to keep stray animals and raccoons at a distance. This protects your pooch and your property.

Do you find that this dog door meets your specifications? Make sure you address your questions in the comment section or via email, as you wish!

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